November 16, 2007

My Grocery Price Book

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With all of the recent posts on the personal finance blogs about price books, I thought I would go ahead and make one. It has been an enjoyable process that fits neatly within my mild OCD tendancies and my new bargain research hobby. I decided that the best place to store the price book was here on the blog in a continually updated post. I started out with Google Spreadsheets, then moved to Google Notebooks, to Google Docs, and finally just went back to hand coding the HTML lists in Ultra Edit Studio (personal favorite text editor for MS Windows) and then pasting the final HTML here. This allows me to clean up the list and keep it slimmed down.

This price book only contains information from a few recent receipts that I found on the top of my stack of “to scan” papers. I will be adding many more as find more and do the weekly shopping. The next big step will be to reorder the categories so the more common items will be at the top.

This current theme and basic layout of the price book list has been chosen to be easily viewable on the iPhone and to transfer quickly over the AT&T cellular network which is really slow in some areas.

If anyone has any suggestions for improving the data or formatting, please let me know.

Grocery Price Book

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Grocery Price Book

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November 6, 2007

NetworthIQ Account Created and Updated (Networth +173% Yay!)

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After seeing a few blogs with the NetworthIQ banner around, I thought I would take the time to enter my data. So far I only have my October 1st, and November 1st entries. But when I get a chance I’ll try to back fill to at least May when I started keeping somewhat detailed records. I will be updating the numbers the first week of every month.

Of course I had to put the 173% increase in networth in the title of this post. But it is a fake number since doubling anything gives good results. Going from -$1000 to $1000 isn’t much in the grand scheme but it does make for some interesting accounting. If I can keep doubling my networth every month for the next 2 years, I’ll be able to buy a small country and retire. 🙂

Since the NetworthIQ entry form is pretty limited, I had to combine some line items that I keep separately in my accounting system. I’ll put up some detail in a future post so those following along will have some context.

November 1, 2007

Hello world!

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Hello, and welcome to the Snowflake Saver blog. This site is dedicated to documenting my personal financial transformation from a paycheck to paycheck, indebted, gadget and computer geek, to a hopefully more responsible, frugal, but not cheap person, with a financial plan and positive net worth.

I’ve learned and relearned many things over the past month that set a foundation for crawling out of the hole I’ve dug for myself. Most of this information has been gathered from dozens of other personal finance blogs that are out there, and I intend to fully give credit where credit is due, along with contribute new and relevant information as often as possible.

I really do not consider any topic to be “off topic” as long as it pertains to some aspect of living an enjoyable life without having to make unwise financial choices. I’ve made enough of those already.

The goals of this site are pretty simple.

  • Help me to track my financial progress over the weeks, months, and years ahead.
  • Provide specific accountability of my choices. I intend to publish as much detailed information as possible without exposing sensitive personal financial information on the web.
  • Provide what I think would be useful information on how I plan to achieve my goals.
  • Gather resources from around the web (blogs, news, financial information) for both personal and public reference.
  • Create an open forum for discussions of ideas related to the topics presented.

Posting Schedule Goals

  • At least 4 informational articles a week on some topic related to personal finance.
  • A weekly financial statement.
  • An updated goals article with achievements, new directions, and thoughts.